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Dark Lord Essay

Lightning struck the pinnacle zenith, and briefy the city’s primary square was soaked in light. A fierce tempest was blending around the city of Magelan, of the universe of Ralon on the choas planes. All around the city the watchman, wearing mail of shadowy dark, were endeavoring futile to surpress the mobs that where set up. Individuals had accepted the approaching tempest as a sign from the divine beings, to ascend and oust the malevolence Maraj who governed their city. † The stupid humans have taken our snare, their city is in choas my Dark Lord Iekkob† The bodyless voice reverberated around the diminish moon-lit passage office of the incredible royal residence. Unexpectedly, with a burst of fire and inpenitrible dark smoke, a figure showed up. Gradually turning out to be less foggy the figure strolled towards the base of the steps, leaving singed impressions in the sparkling marble floor. As the figure came to the sift hold of the precious stone flight of stairs, one of the sculptures that lined dividers sluggishly strolled towards him. The statued man was not, at this point a stone dim yet shrowded in dark and dull red robes. † My Lord Iekkob † The voice sounded once more, however it was not, at this point bodyless. The statued man talked it, delicately, covertly, yet unmistakably. † I am satisfied, Liwl, you have tricked these lamentable humans well. The planes of choas are presently appropriately named gratitude to your teachery. † The one named Liwl grinned at his clear Dark Lord, who had now come into full center, his shroud consuming searing red to coordinate the coals shining in his eyes. † Thank you my Lord, I did as you taught. Each sanctuary, each minister, trusted me their divinity and followed my requests without question † Yes†¦ that is the thing that stresses me. As frail disapproved as the individuals who abide upon the Ethereal Plane are, they would have detected an interruption in one of their sanctuaries. Particularly by you Liwl, they are particularly dubious of the God of Assains and Thiefs. † For a second he looked upwards towards the highest point of the steps, caustiosly. At that point it passed, a quality of certainty and force developed about him, and he developed in size as he, with an incredible compass of his shroud, rose above the extraordinary flight of stairs in a single jump. He was firmly trailed by Liwl, who had climbed the steps unobtrusively, rapidly, making a point to remain in the shadows. † Hey you ! Laborer ! What are you doing inside the royal residence ! † yelled a watchman of the royal residence, shielded in sparkling gold mail. The Dark Lord took a gander at the man running towards him, drawing his schimitar, and giggled. The sound penetrated the air, and as it did the gatekeeper halted. With a look of incredible agony he tumbled to the floor, blood presently pouring from his skin. He lay there wriggling, spasming with torment. The Dark Lord quit snickering, looked at his casualty, and with a slight development of his hand burned the body. † My Lord, I have discovered the entryway ! † yelled Liwl, from the furthest left of the arrival. † Open it Lwil, rapidly, we can't represent these deferrals. I dread the Ethereal Planes will know about our arrangements in a matter of seconds. † Acting with lightning speed Liwl drew two knifes from inside his shroud, and struck the lock. The very royal residence shook and with an electrical discharge he was tossed against the divider at the opposite side of the arrival. † As I suspected, Rezarf you esteem your God of Time without question. You comprehend the force she wields†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Liwl GET UP ! † Liwl obdentialy hopped to his feet and followed his lord the Dark Lord to the entryway, presently shining with arcanic runes. Iekkob drew forward a staff of sort, designed with skulls of a wide range of races, and tapped the entryway delicately. Blast The entryway took off its pivots, flying through the room it was guarding. † I see you are here Iekkob. I should state I was expecting you when I heard what was going on outside the royal residence. † Through the smoke and residue the slim figure of a young lady strolled towards the Dark Lord. † You are more intelligent than Rezarf gives you credit, Yholl. Are you certain you won't go along with me, the God of Time will help my crusade well. † You now where my alligance lies. Return to the Nine Hells and plot with your Daemon hirelings ! The Gift of Time will just guide Good. † Shouted Yholl, her eyes gleaming splendidly. † Now leave, you can't hurt me here, you surprisingly realize you can just mischief an Ethereal Being on the Ethereal Planes. † † True, however then I don't wish to hurt you. You just acquired the intensity of Time on the grounds that your predessor lost his forces during the Time of Troubles. What's more, presently you to will stroll with the humans. † Iekkob giggled, that high pitched penetrating snicker once more, and before Yholl could respond he had pushed his hand outwards. A light emission showed up between his hand and Yholls chest, and gradually a circle of sparkling gold moved along it towards him. Yholl let out a shout as the circle entered the Dark Lord. † It is done Liwl, the God of Time is ousted to the human loop. As is the main force Rezarf could use to stop me. † † But sir, for what reason did you not simply set aside the intensity of effort for yourself†¦. or then again one of your dedicated hirelings. † said Liwl bowing, his long nose practically contacting the floor. † Beacuse my†¦ steadfast worker † he snickered once more, and the human Yholl fell wimpering to the floor † I can't utilize powers intended for good, and I can't permit anybody, ESPECIALLY, a devoted hireling to posess a force that can stop even me. † And with that he disapeared. Liwl glanced around at the debrey around the floor, and the wimpering mortal who was at one time the amazing God of Tme, and with a swoosh of his shadowy shroud followed his lord into nothingness.

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Top Drives Essays - Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Geology

Top Drives Essays - Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Geology Top Drives April 2, 2013 Spear Lee Top Drives The Top Drive Drilling System is perceived as one of the most noteworthy progressions in penetrating innovation since the presentation of the turning table. When contrasting them with ordinary boring apparatuses, Top Drive Systems reliably drill quicker and more secure, with less possibility of drill pipes being trapped. Top Drives likewise permit administrators to arrive at zones and sorts of arrangements that would not be open with customary turning penetrating. Flat penetrating and expanded reach have realized radical increments underway rates, and these wells must be bored with Top Drives. Alongside improved well control and better opening molding, these advantages add to the verifiable monetary legitimization for the Top Drive. In 1981, Duke Zinkgraf of Sedco (presently Transocean) searched out an approach to penetrate starting from the top from the drillstring and including total strand of channel, which would end the requirement for the kelly boring procedure. He looked for an organization that was happy to grasp and build up his new idea. Duke found a band together with Varco (presently National Oilwell Varco). George Boyadjieff, Varco?s president, amassed a group of designers and committed it exclusively to this task. Their underlying models were first introduced in the Middle East, they at that point advanced toward the U.S. From the outset, the way to acknowledgment was uneven. Numerous organizations didn't need the issue of incorporating the top drive penetrating frameworks into the current boring procedures. When adjustments were made to the top drives to make them simpler to consolidate and progressively dependable, organizations paid heed. When the business started to understand the functional pen etrating capacities of the top drive techniques, new and radical well projects were being planned around them. An ever increasing number of advances in top drive hardware and activity are quickly changing the manner in which boring is finished. In excess of 60 percent of all penetrating apparatuses are currently joining top drives. The primary reasons are expanded wellbeing and proficiency. A Top Drive is an engine that is suspended from the derrick, or pole, of the apparatus. This engine can be either electrical or pressure driven. These engines produce at any rate 1,000 drive. It is associated with a short segment of funnel called the plume. From that point, the plume is either screwed into a saver sub or the drillstring itself. Since the Top Drive is suspended, it is allowed to go here and there the derrick. Top Drives normal around 15 feet long and around 4 feet in width, which make it advantageous to move because of its thin form. The normal weight is something like 10,000 lbs. A Top Drive has numerous points of interest. It is equipped for penetrating with three joints remains, rather than only each channel in turn. Top Drives commonly decline the recurrence of stuck channel, which adds to cost reserve funds. They additionally take into consideration speedier siphon commitment and separation or the rotational while evacuating or restringing the funnel. Top Drives are additionally ideal for testing expanded reach and directional wells. A significant bit of leeway is security related. Top Drives lessen dangers and increment wellbeing during the penetrating procedure since they expel a significant part of the physical work that was recently required to bore wells. They are regularly totally mechanized, offering rotational control and greatest torque, just as command over the weight on the bit. Top Drives have just a couple of weaknesses. The underlying expense of establishment and buy are high. This underlying expense would in the long run be balanced by increment creation however. Likewise, the heaviness of the Top Drive is top substantial and the apparatus should be changed in accordance with balance it. While introductory expenses and establishment are high, the preferences significantly exceed the burdens. To use Top Drives, the Top Drive must be fittingly estimated to fit into the apparatuses which accomplish this work. Their heap rating and torque limits must fit the attributes of the wells to be penetrated. Either the apparatus must have the extra force accessible for the Top Drive or a different force unit must be provided. At last the legally binding terms important to get the top drive must match the business needs of the end client Top Drives can be utilized in all situations and on a wide range of apparatuses, from truck-mounted

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5 Exam Study Tips for Students With ADHD

5 Exam Study Tips for Students With ADHD Studying for exams can be a very stressful experience when you have ADHD. You might find you spend much more time studying for exams than other students, yet your grades do not reflect your effort. This can leave you feeling disappointed, frustrated, and demotivated. Four challenging areas are: Deciding what topics are most important to studyStudying for the exam in the weeks leading before the exam (rather than waiting to the last minute)Being able to sit down and focus on studyingReading and remembering the material Here are some ADHD friendly tips to help you study for your exams.   1) Connect With Your Teacher at the Beginning of the Semester Preparing for exams starts early!  At the beginning of the semester or school year, make a point of introducing yourself to your teacher.  A positive, communicative relationship with your teacher or professor can make a big difference, especially if they are knowledgeable about learning issues that can be associated with ADHD. If not, share with them what areas are more difficult for you and the strategies you are using to help with learning. This lets your teacher know you are being proactive and are invested in doing well in class. It also corrects any misperceptions the teacher may have as sometimes ADHD behavior can look like you are not motivated or interested, such as arriving a few minutes late for class, gazing out of the window or missing a deadline. Class Notes Taking notes in class can be hard when you have ADHD. If you are eligible for student accommodations, you might be given a scribe.  This is when the office of student disabilities arranges for a student in your class to give you a copy of their notes. However, if you do not get this accommodation formally, why not identify a student in the class who is organized and good at note-taking, and ask if they would be willing to share notes. Getting the class notes is an important part of preparing for exams. 2) Approximately 1 Month Before the Exam As an exam date moves closer, ask your teacher for specific information about what topic areas will be covered on the exam. For example:Which chapters or readings will be in the exam?Will the lectures be the primary source for the exam?If your teacher has given out a review sheet, ask for their help so you can prioritize areas to study. If you don’t have a review sheet, gather together handouts, old quizzes, assignments on the topic and the class syllabus. Bring these with you when you meet with the teacher to get help in prioritizing areas of study for the test. Format Ask the teacher about the format of the exam and what type of questions should you expect. Will it be multiple choice, essay, or sets of problems to solve? Will you need to memorize facts or apply them? Will you need to define terms, compare and contrast or argue and support points? This will give you more information about how to study. Planning Some students skip the planning phase because they want to use their time to study. However, planning takes a relatively short amount of time, and it will help you avoid all-nighters and anxiety the exam day approaches. During your planning time, break down the material you need to study into manageable chunks so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Get help doing this if you need it, perhaps a friend, tutor, teacher, coach, or parent. Set up an exam study schedule. Decide what you will study first. Some people do better getting the harder, less known areas of study out of the way first. Others feel more motivated when they are able to get easier or more interesting aspects completed first. For many students with ADHD, getting started and staying focused while studying is a big part of the equation. Planning when you are going to study and what you will study at that time helps reduce procrastination and aids focus. How to Study When it is time to study, work in short blocks of time and then take a mini break. For example:Set a timer to go off after 30 minutes of studying (or whatever amount of time works best for you) and then take a break.During your breaks, get up and walk around,  or even do some jumping jacks.Then study again for another 30 minutes. Some students find that a small reward after a period of study helps to motivate them to study. Location Find a study area that helps you to focus. For some people that is a place that is free from distractions. Other students find they can concentrate best in a busy area, such as the library or a coffee shop. Other people like to vary their location. Learning Strategies Think about your learning style and how to match it up with the material you need to learn. Simple flashcards made from index cards are often helpful when you need to memorize terms, definitions or theories.Outlines are helpful in preparing for essay exams. Other ideas that can help you retain information include: Drawing diagrams and pictures  Explaining the concepts to a friendWriting or hearing the material again and againUsing mnemonics for difficult-to-remember information Study Groups There are pros and cons to studying in groups. When they are organized and focused, they can often improve learning. If larger groups are uncomfortable, you might find that studying with a friend helps you stay on track. “Teaching” the material to another student can also aid in learning. Tutor You may also want to explore the possibility of a tutor to help you organize your thoughts, prioritize study topics and help keep you focused. 3) The Night Before Exam Day Pack your book bag with all your necessary items such as pencils, paper, id, energy bar, water, and anything else you’ll need and set it by the door.Instead of staying up all night studying, go to bed and get some sleep. 4) Day of the Exam Eat some protein for breakfast.Arrive at the exam room a little early so that you will feel calm and organized.Good luck! 5) After the Exam Once you get the exam back, arrange a time to meet with your teacher to review your results. Ask for feedback on how you might have responded more comprehensively on essay sections and for any other recommendations your teacher may have to help. Advocating for yourself in this way not only helps give you more information about what you can do to improve your performance on the next test, but it also lets your teacher know you are invested and motivated to learn.

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Shakespeares Theory Of Sir Francis Bacon Vs. William...

There are a variety of theories that suggest that Sir Francis Bacon was, in fact, William Shakespeare. Supporters of these claims refer to Shakespeare’s writing style, lack of education, and reportedly hidden messages within his texts as some of the evidence that indicates that Bacon was the real author of the many plays and poems attributed to Shakespeare. These assertions do not conclusively substantiate the Bacon theory and only attempt to discredit the real William Shakespeare. Therefore, Sir Francis Bacon did not write as William Shakespeare. The first theory of Sir Francis Bacon being the true author of Shakespeare, came from the author Delia Bacon-no relation. For Delia being a failed novelist , it is hard for a person to†¦show more content†¦However, just because it was stated that way, does not mean that Sir Francis Bacon wrote under the name William Shakespeare. Anybody could write their name beside a famous authors name, such as J.R. Rowling, that doe s not mean that this random person wrote all her novels. In this time, it was very common for multiple publications to have the same phrases stated in them, this does not mean that for every piece of work with the same statement in it, was written by the same author. If this were the case, then why are there not more philosophies as too who wrote Shakespeare? Sir Francis Bacon and Shakespeare did have a very different style of writing. Sir Francis Bacon’s writings was more stilted and abrupt compared to those works of Shakespeare . â€Å"Bacon did his best work when he viewed life from an ancient elevation or when he looked back through the silver haze of the years at the earlier thoughts, for only then did he write of experiences common to mankind.† . Plus, Bacon practically never spoke unwholesomely about people, were as Shakespeare would make fun of people in his works. â€Å"The similarity and identity of statement in their works, however remarkable they may seem at first glance, appear, after close examination, to be the result of the use of the literary stock-in-trade of the age†. Spedding said, â€Å"I doubt whether thereShow MoreRelatedThe Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory1561 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Shakespeare, by far one of the greatest playwrights of all time, is clouded with controversy. Rumors run rampant that he was nothing more than a non de plume for someone who wished to keep the anonymity of his identity. There have been names such as Edward De Vere the 17th Earl of Oxford, Sir Francis Bacon, even Queen Elizabeth herself was among those thought to be the true writer of the plays and poems. To start from the beginning of the controversy, the earliest actual documentation ofRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages.............................................................................. 299 CHAPTER 10 Deductive Reasoning .......................................................................................... 312 x Implying with Certainty vs. with Probability ................................................................................ 312 Distinguishing Deduction from Induction ..................................................................................... 319 Review of Major

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The Double Standard Of Cultural Appropriation What Is...

The Double Standard of Cultural Appropriation: What is Wrong With Your Favorite Pop Stars? While adolescents struggle to find their identity in the world, some struggle between two different worlds: firstly) conforming to the behaviors in western society; and secondly) having pride in one’s culture. In accordance: A person s cultural identity forms important and vulnerable parts of who they are. We tend to define ourselves by what we believe and express our beliefs through certain symbols that are representative of our culture. With culture comes a sense of identity, a sense of self, and when our culture is stolen from us, there is this deep sense of loss. This is the very reason why cultural appropriation is grossly discriminatory and grossly wrong (Okafor, The Huffington Post). The actions of cultural appropriation carry socioeconomic, political and racial implications. Also, appropriation is negative by definition: it is the action of taking something without permission. Appropriation often occurs without any real understanding of the original culture, often converting cultural significant symbols, practices, and beliefs into meaningless pop culture and giving them a significance that is completely different than the original. With pop culture, pop stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez and Iggy Azeala have all engaged in displays of cultural appropriation. This creates a stir in media and politics because there is a fine line betweenShow MoreRelatedMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 PagesConsequently, marketing occurs any time on societal limit strive to exchange something of value with another social unit. Marketing consists of all the activities to facilitate the exchange. Within this societal perspective, then (1) the makers (2) what they are marketing and (3) their potential markets all assume broad dimensions. The category of marketers might include, in addition to business firms, such diverse social units as (a) a political party trying to market its candidate to the publicRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesSocial history—20th century. 4. World politics—20th century. I. Adas, Michael, 1943– II. American Historical Association. D421.E77 2010 909.82—dc22 2009052961 The paper used in this publication meets the requirements of the American National Standard for Information Sciences—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1992 Printed in the United States of America 2 4 6 8 9 7 5 3 1 C ONTENTS Introduction Michael Adas 1 1 World Migration in the Long Twentieth

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American Foreign Relations before 1913 Free Essays

The American Foreign Relations also referred to as the foreign policy of the United States of America is the adopted policies that the country uses in its interaction with other countries. As of now, the United States is the most influential country in the world on the basis that it is the only remaining superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union which led to the end of the Cold War. As of now, the economy of the United States is the world largest and this helps the country in its global outreach. We will write a custom essay sample on American Foreign Relations before 1913 or any similar topic only for you Order Now The country nowadays has set is foreign policies agendas and objectives as the creation of a world which is more secure, democratic and economically powerful of the benefit of the American citizens as well as the international community (Gardner, 1984). During the Bush administration, the American country has been faced by many international threats and enemies. This is because the administration is thought to have overstepped its foreign relations especially in the country’s quest to bring about world peace and democracy to all nations around the world. However, it is important to relate to the historical overview of the United States of America from the time it gained independence to the beginning of the First World War (John, 1935). From 1776 to 1898 The United States gained its independence from Britain in the year 1776 and this was brought about by the American Revolution. It is important to note that from that time, America began its relations with some of the superpowers of Europe at that time, key among them being France. However, from the time of American Revolution to the time of Spanish-American War, the United States foreign relations focused mainly in the regional relations rather the international relations (Engerman, 2000). During the American Revolution, the United States of America developed ties with major European powers at that time. This was necessary because it main rival and colonizer, Britain was a very powerful force at that time. The United States could not have defeated Britain without the help of some powerful countries. This was the reason that necessitated America to establish ties with Spain, Netherlands and France and it is important to note that the country needed the countries for their intervention in its war with Britain[1]. Britain at that time was a mutual enemy of the three European countries and the United States as well. The intervention of these three countries saw to it that America attained its independence and also assumed the status of a sovereign state (Gardner, 1984). After its war with Britain, the United States also continued to cultivate its ties with Britain and this was enhanced by the signing of the Olive Branch Policy. The United States made various efforts to restore peace and also resume its important trade with Britain. French having contributed so much in the American Revolution was also not left out of the picture. To this end, the United States continued its relations with the French Republic and an important evidence to this is the French presentation of the Statue of Liberty to the United States in the year 1886 (Foner, 1970). [1]  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Gilbert, Felix. To the Farewell Address: Ideas of Early American Foreign Policy. Princeton, N.J., (1961): 236 – 267 How to cite American Foreign Relations before 1913, Papers

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Essay on Personal Note On Family History Essay Example For Students

Essay on Personal Note On Family History Essay Initially, beginning this assignment I wasn t sure what to expect. My extended family and I are not very close. It was difficult for me to have to reach out to people to find out information for this assignment. When I first began to research my family history it was very difficult for me and brought up a lot of emotions, as I had recently just lost a grandparent on each side of my family. Unfortunately, both of those grandparents who passed had many of the answers I needed for this assignment. When gathering information I sought out family members from my mom s side and from my father s side of the family. Upon trying to gather information I quickly realized that communication is lacking on both sides of my family. I actually received some push back and concerns regarding why I was interested in â€Å"digging up people’s business†. Unfortunately, with the deaths that occurred a month prior to beginning to gather information for this assignment. I ve found that many family members that I spoke with reverted back to discussing the lives of my grandparents who had just recently passed. It was as if it was all they could speak about. It was difficult for everyone to gather their emotions and see the family as a whole unit. It appeared that they felt that both of these untimely deaths took over the spirit of the family. I also found it difficult for myself to want to discuss my family when everyone was still grieving. I realize that death is an issue that most families choose not to deal with. However, I believe that death needs to be dealt with to get past hurt, pain, as well as anger, to preserve the history of the family. I was not sure what the purpose of this assignment was until I began to find roadblocks in finding out informa. .if marriage is the right course for me. Although, initially I was not sure what I would gain from this assignment I believe that I gained a whole lot of needed information that will help me personally as well as have a better understanding of how my family operates. Although my mother and my father s families are different there are many of the same things that occurred cross generationally. Even when it comes to my own relationship with my own parents I have to keep in mind their familial experiences and understand how that impacts them as individuals and as parents. I realize that one day when I become a parent I will need to take into account these familial patterns and find ways to change them for the better. Gathering this information was a cumbersome experience but it was an eye-opening experience the taught me a lot about who I am solely based on my family.